Depression prevention

Commissioned by the municipalities Oost Gelre and Berkelland, AGORA examined depression in youth.


The project

Approximately 10% of the youth aged 12 to 23 year from the municipalities Oost Gelre and Berkelland suffer from depressive feelings. Although more than ten different organisations within these municipalities offer interventions for this target population, by no means all young people with depressive complaints turn out to come into contact with assisting organisations.

Role played by AGORA

AGORA performed an in-depth research to the utility and necessity of depression prevention for youth. In addition, an inventory is made of the existing provision of depression prevention, together with organisations from practice. In this respect, possibilities for improvements are also considered. Several methods were used in this research, including data analysis, literature study, interviews and annual results of institutions. A mini-symposium was organised to conclude the research.


Possibilities for improvement are to strengthen parents in their own power and parenting skills, to offer professional development to teachers and other intermediates, to lower the threshold in the chain of referrals and to support youngsters who not can turn to their parents.


The municipalities Oost Gelre and Berkelland.

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